other rank in a sentence

"other rank" in Chinese  
  1. Booz-Allen has more vice presidents than any other rank.
  2. It is not a necessity to be saluted by other ranks.
  3. Two officers and 56 other ranks were killed in the attacks.
  4. New drafts replenished officers to 23, other ranks to 588.
  5. This was considerably greater than relative casualty rates amongst other ranks.
  6. It's difficult to find other rank in a sentence.
  7. The Australian other ranks were held in a camp at Sandakan.
  8. Currently MUR is a unit of other ranks ( ORs ).
  9. The Other Ranks occupied the huts and tents in the grounds.
  10. The ship had a crew of 74 officers and other ranks.
  11. "The sentiment was other rank . ")
  12. Calling himself the spokesman for " other ranks"
  13. Other ranks in the Army and the Air Force are entirely volunteer.
  14. Three officers and 31 other ranks of the 76th were made prisoner.
  15. Excluded are other ranks of virus, viroids and prions.
  16. ML2 is open to Other Ranks who have completed Junior Command Course.
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