other questions in a sentence

"other questions" in Chinese  
  1. The other questions deal with deteriorating brick and materials for building shelves.
  2. Others question whether OPEC has the spare capacity other than Saudi Arabia.
  3. He ignored other questions and recited what sounded like a prepared statement.
  4. That and a lot of other questions have yet to be decided,
  5. He refused to answer other questions due to the volatile situation.
  6. It's difficult to find other questions in a sentence.
  7. The deposition raises other questions about a possible commingling of assets:
  8. The other question about the Mavericks now centers around the backcourt.
  9. The other question is whether UMass can shoot from the outside.
  10. Two other questions are worth pondering : Where and how much?
  11. The other question that still rankles is the one about drugs.
  12. There will be other areas to improve, other questions to answer.
  13. Others question his calculation of the present value of future pensions.
  14. Where human or humanlike forms appear, other questions of continuity arise.
  15. These and many other questions were specifically discussed by Forum participants.
  16. Liu referred other questions to officials who were not immediately available.
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