other provisions in a sentence

"other provisions" in Chinese  
  1. When other provisions are put in, that gives us cause for concern.
  2. Among the other provisions agreed to by Republicans on the Finance panel:
  3. Consumer advocates were less impressed with other provisions of the deal, however.
  4. But several other provisions would stay in place despite criticism, PTI reported.
  5. Other provisions cover the distribution of back pay awards and other compensation.
  6. It's difficult to find other provisions in a sentence.
  7. Other provisions either in the bill or to be considered as amendments:
  8. Most were very poor farmers who came without money and other provisions.
  9. But Honey said other provisions of the law may work unfair hardships.
  10. Other provisions include expanded access to treatments by chiropractors, naturopaths and homeopaths.
  11. Other provisions are also being tailored to a small set of companies.
  12. Other provisions in the Contract would also damage the environment, say environmentalists.
  13. Those opposed to term limits or other provisions can opt out later.
  14. We need to take a look what other provisions may drive up costs.
  15. Other provisions include giving foreigners a temporary residency card on entry into Jordan.
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