other provinces in a sentence

"other provinces" in Chinese  
  1. The successful example of the new army was followed in other provinces.
  2. Eight other provinces and municipalities must conduct their own inspections, it said.
  3. If similar projects spring up in other provinces we can join altogether.
  4. Other provinces have begun to copy East Kasai's version of separate development.
  5. The style spread as Chin Woo opened sister schools in other provinces.
  6. It's difficult to find other provinces in a sentence.
  7. If the problem goes unchecked, it will also affect other provinces soon.
  8. The program is projected to start in several other provinces in July.
  9. Police from other provinces will be shipped in to back them up.
  10. Local health authorities worried that the epidemic could spread to other provinces.
  11. Nationwide inspections found samples of the poisonous brew in several other provinces.
  12. Excess rice is delivered and imported to other provinces of the Philippines.
  13. She said the ministry would be sending inspectors to check other provinces.
  14. The ministry hopes to expand the program to other provinces soon.
  15. Kachadphai said other provinces had yet to report their campaign results.
  16. Wider in fact in some aspects as compared to other provinces.
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