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  1. In that case, only the local oscillator frequency is changed.
  2. This in turn is integrated to find the oscillator frequency.
  3. This resulted in detector manufacturers responding by changing their local oscillator frequency.
  4. Resolution of a single count is generally proportional to the timebase oscillator frequency and the gate time.
  5. In this application, the transistor is made to self-oscillate at the local oscillator frequency.
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  7. The local oscillator frequency determines what block of incoming frequencies is downconverted to the frequencies expected by the receiver.
  8. There are two choices for the local oscillator frequency because the dominant mixer products are at " f"
  9. He invented a quartz-crystal oscillator frequency standard in 1930, and patented a temperature control oven for crystal oscillators.
  10. The local oscillator frequency is switched in response to a 22 kHz signal superimposed on the supply voltage from the connected receiver.
  11. Most receivers are actually superheterodyne receivers and they leak a little of their local oscillator frequency; this can be easily detected.
  12. Corresponding oscillator frequencies of the nerve cells would then refer to the same object, while other frequencies would mark other objects.
  13. That carrier and the two frequencies ( that the sweep changed between ) were generated as multiples of the same basic oscillator frequency.
  14. Both the on-board oscillator frequency ( if used ) and the PLL multiplier value may be changed at run-time.
  15. Viewed another way, the received signal frequency is doppler shifted from the oscillator frequency by the relative motion of the fuze and target.
  16. where \ omega _ { 0 } and b are constants, namely, the time-averaged oscillator frequency and damping, respectively.
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