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  1. All quartz oscillator crystals are the ?-quartz type.
  2. The most common material for oscillator crystals is quartz.
  3. An oscillator crystal can be also manufactured by depositing the resonator material on the silicon chip surface.
  4. An oscillator crystal has two electrically conductive plates, with a slice or tuning fork of quartz crystal sandwiched between them.
  5. Today, glowbugs are enjoying a resurgence of interest among color burst oscillator crystals, which operate at 3.579545 MHz.
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  7. It covered a greater portion of the high frequency ( HF ) and medium wave spectrum than did the SW-4, by using a large set of selectable heterodyne oscillator crystals for selecting the tuning range, each covering a 500 kHz wide segment.
  8. These adjustments provide the two common methods of overclocking and underclocking a computer, perhaps combined with some adjustment of CPU or memory voltages ( changing oscillator crystals occurs only rarely ); note that careless overclocking can cause damage to a CPU or other component due to overheating or even voltage breakdown.
  9. The-3A and-3C units were identical to the-3 and-3B units, respectively, except they provided an extra set of heterodyne oscillator crystals enabling them to cover extra bands  useful for military, amateur and MARS operation, where operation just outside the regular amateur bands was necessary.

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