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  1. Nor has anyone yet figured out exactly how the oscillation functions.
  2. It does so through what Llinas calls thalamo-cortical oscillations.
  3. The range of oscillation is undetectable by telescopes on the ground.
  4. Combustion instabilities are typically violent pressure oscillations in a combustion chamber.
  5. Any medium supporting oscillations has an analogue of the Casimir effect.
  6. It's difficult to find oscillations in a sentence.
  7. is the phase of the oscillation relative to the driving force.
  8. In this case the oscillation cycle takes a full 60 seconds.
  9. However, negative feedback systems can still be subject to oscillations.
  10. The most dangerous pilot-induced oscillations can occur during landing.
  11. The oscillation is zero if and only if the sequence converges.
  12. However, non-zero oscillation does not usually indicate periodicity.
  13. This caused a sinusoidal thrust oscillation during the first stage ascent.
  14. The frequency of oscillation is as given in the previous section.
  15. That oscillation term is the so-called " Zitterbewegung ".
  16. The North Atlantic Oscillation ( NAO ) is one such pattern.
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