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  1. On November 16, 1904, he applied for a US patent for what he termed an oscillation valve.
  2. He developed a device he called an " oscillation valve " ( because it passes current in only one direction ).
  3. In 1904, he invented the two-electrode vacuum-tube rectifier, which he called the oscillation valve, for which he received a patent on 16 November.
  4. In November 1904, John Ambrose Fleming invented the two-electrode vacuum-tube rectifier, which he called the " Fleming oscillation valve " . for which he obtained GB patent 24850 and.
  5. The "'Fleming valve "', also called the "'Fleming oscillation valve "', was a vacuum tube ( or " thermionic valve " ) invented in 1904 by John Ambrose Fleming as a power supplies of a wide range of electronic devices, until beginning to be replaced by the selenium rectifier in the early 1930s and almost completely replaced by the semiconductor diode in the 1960s.
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