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  1. The berries of autumn are botanically and ornamentally the fruit of summer.
  2. The tiny ornamentally designed  Bird Cage Lift operates to this day.
  3. The plant can be grown ornamentally, requiring full sun and modest water.
  4. "S . pyracanthos " is grown ornamentally throughout the world.
  5. It appears to me merely to be used ornamentally.
  6. It's difficult to find ornamentally in a sentence.
  7. They appear to me merely to be used ornamentally.
  8. The ceiling is painted ornamentally; in its middle is an elongated light dome.
  9. The churchyard is ornamentally planted with evergreens.
  10. Ultimately, the bars could be supplemented or replaced with metal plates that could be ornamentally pierced.
  11. A doubled carrick bend was used to ornamentally secure the lanyards on the breastplate of the dives.
  12. Their flowers and fruit, while attractive and sometimes quite showy, are ornamentally incidental to the foliage.
  13. Rhodos can go either way too, but usually in my experience only the evergreen type are planted ornamentally.
  14. Hahn said, adding that such systems are typically 30 percent to 40 percent efficient, and are more often used ornamentally.
  15. Expect to see colorful street dancing parade, featuring huge crowd of finely dressed, ornamentally crowned Pampanga people in the streets.
  16. It can be used ornamentally in crafts, like a kind of " macrame ", or to make straw hats.
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