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  1. Presnyakov is known as a theorist of ornamentalism.
  2. In " Ornamentalism,"
  3. "' Ornamentalism "'is a post-modern architectural style that was a reaction against Modernism.
  4. Niall Ferguson wrote of " Ornamentalism " in The Sunday Telegraph, filled with " verve and wit ."
  5. Levine finds romanticism, pantheistic naturalism, traditionalism, ornamentalism and attachment to the values of rural America in Wright _ conveying a notion of his protean nature.
  6. It's difficult to find ornamentalisms in a sentence.
  7. And while acknowledging Cannadine's polished writing style and artful wit, he said that " Ornamentalism " was a " fluffy " piece of scholarship.
  8. Indeed, in an unusual fit of scholarly generosity _ or seen from another way, an acknowledgment of holes in his thesis _ he has devoted a chapter of " Ornamentalism " to possible arguments against it.
  9. "Ornamentalism " _ the title references Edward Said's 1978 book " Orientalism, " which presented a bitter postcolonial indictment of the subject _ is as entertaining in its anecdotes as it is thought-provoking.
  10. And with his new book, " Ornamentalism : How the British Saw Their Empire " ( Oxford University Press ), Cannadine has provided new opportunities for argument, lobbing a provocative new thesis into the crowded, often squabbling, arena of empire studies.
  11. But Cannadine _ whose book's subtitle, after all, identifies it as a work about British attitudes toward empire _ said that he did not intend, in " Ornamentalism, " to consider class at the expense of race, but rather alongside it.
  12. The British Empire, he writes, " was about antiquity and anachronism, tradition and honor, order and subordination; about glory and chivalry, horses and elephants, knights and peers, processions and ceremony, plumed hats and ermine robes; about chiefs and emirs, sultans and nawabs, viceroys and proconsuls; about thrones and crowns, dominion and hierarchy, ostentation and ornamentalism ."

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