ornamental work in a sentence

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  1. The ornamental works of surface is now plastered and painted green.
  2. The ornamental work, engraving and encarving have been done on walls and pillars.
  3. The ornamental work and the dressing round the windows are of Ohio sandstone.
  4. No ornamental works have been found in this layer of deposits.
  5. It is thus possible to create "'ornamental work "'of various kinds.
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  7. Crane was known for his ornamental work, which included floral designs and embellishments.
  8. Details of the ornamental works, their sizes and proportions are lost in the intervention.
  9. The ornamental work on the ceiling and box fronts and columns was old gold.
  10. Its used to make ornamental work, pestles and rollers and also is good as a fuel wood.
  11. The exterior is dignified and monumental, with beautiful carving and ornamental work showing off the craftsmanship of yesteryear.
  12. He sculpted a number of ornamental works for " Vizcaya ", the James Deering estate outside Miami, Florida.
  13. A very fine-grained white or lightly tinted variety of gypsum, called alabaster, is prized for ornamental work of various sorts.
  14. It carved beautifully and took fine detail, and in pre-Reformation times had been used extensively for statuary and ornamental work.
  15. Pieces of ornamental work in made with shells and copper indicate that this was begun here earlier than in Michoac醤.
  16. It is used for intricate ornamental work and where extreme forming is required, such as in complicated thru-wall flashing conditions.
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