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  1. The corner lot is attractively landscaped with shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubs.
  2. Mr . Taylor was an enthusiastic landscaper who planted many ornamental trees and shrubs, including 53 varieties of Rhododendron.
  3. The buildings, stood in an extensive park studded with fish ponds and furnished with a great variety of ornamental trees and shrubs.
  4. In 1828 he published his " Periodical catalogue of fruit & ornamental trees and shrubs, green-house plants, etc ..
  5. "P . granatum " is grown for its fruit crop, and as ornamental trees and shrubs in parks and gardens.
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  7. Hamilton imported many ornamental trees and shrubs from America, including American oaks and swamp cypresses, and was among the first to grow rhododendrons in England.
  8. The island has a mixed vegetation, including hardwood tree stands, remnant pear and apple orchards, ornamental trees and shrubs, and salt marsh grasses.
  9. The boom economy and last year's drought have combined to create a national shortage of ornamental trees and shrubs for home and commercial landscaping, growers say.
  10. You'd have to look pretty hard to find a nurseryman as nice or as knowledgeable as Roger Gossler, especially on his specialty, ornamental trees and shrubs.
  11. Cornell Cooperative Extension also has a very good paperback called " Pruning : an Illustrated Guide to Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs " by Donald Rakow and Richard Weir.
  12. THE family Leguminosae ( bean or pea family ) has some of the most glorious of flowering and ornamental trees and shrubs and a good number of creeping vines as well.
  13. The Lawn Garden is a grassy sward bordered by 350 species and varieties of ornamental trees and shrubs, underplanted with sweeps of peonies, day lilies, Siberian iris, and ground covers.
  14. In 1997, Ashintully Gardens received the Massachusetts Horticultural Society's H . Hollis Hunnewell Medal', a prize established to recognize gardens embellished with rare and desirable ornamental trees and shrubs.
  15. The appearance of the Civil War era Columbus arsenal was ragged and cluttered until Spring of 1866, when the first shade and ornamental trees and shrubs were planted at a cost of $ 150.
  16. More specific functions include preventing erosion on slopes, hiding the dying foliage of bulbs, providing cover under ornamental trees and shrubs, and creating recreation areas from rough playing fields to manicured putting greens.
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