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  1. The walkway leads to an area of ornamental shrubs and a woodland garden.
  2. The purple-leaved cultivar " Corylus maxima "'Purpurea'is a popular ornamental shrub in gardens.
  3. Most of the die-off is in suburban areas where people plant ornamental shrubs,
  4. "C . uvifera " is wind resistant, moderately tolerant of shade, and ornamental shrub.
  5. After his death more ornamental shrubs and trees were planted.
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  7. "Chrysobalanus icaco " is also planted as an ornamental shrub.
  8. Ornamental shrubs were rare, but could include azalea, mock orange.
  9. It can attack fruit and nut trees and ornamental shrubs.
  10. Many species are cultivated as ornamental shrubs in gardens.
  11. Applications include tomato, strawberry, and ornamental shrub growers, and fumigation of ham / pork products.
  12. The large front lawn is planted with mature willows and pines, and overgrown ornamental shrubs.
  13. "Rosa moyesii " is cultivated as an ornamental shrub and has been used in rose breeding.
  14. In cool coastal areas, pomegranates are well adapted as ornamental shrubs but usually bear sour fruit.
  15. His 1888 catalog featured some 500 varieties of fruit trees, 700 ornamental shrubs, and 270 roses.
  16. In cold climates, the biggest threats to ornamental shrubs are desiccation and physical damage from snow loads.
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