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  1. Q : How many originals of the Declaration of Independence exist?
  2. Once upon a time, Tinseltown did have a true original.
  3. Among them all, the musicians wrote over 30 original songs.
  4. Original investors are dividing the money invested by those after them.
  5. Everybody knows the Greenville Doe's is the original anyway.
  6. It's difficult to find original in a sentence.
  7. Three-day tickets to the original festival cost $ 18.
  8. Lipton Original All Natural Diet Iced Tea, Natural Lemon Flavor.
  9. Some of the original Woodstock tickets have Wallkill printed on them.
  10. Workers stay at their original company and do their normal jobs.
  11. The bill should have been easily passed in its original form.
  12. The networks primarily want to come out with original entertainment programs.
  13. Selig's original deadline to cancel the season passed Friday.
  14. After impact, the seat returns to its original reclined position.
  15. The original shows Pinkett and Payne in a poignantly romantic embrace.
  16. His second act greatly expands the original's social survey.
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