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  1. Most are in their original bindings, none of them yellowed or torn.
  2. Over 600 were printed before 1600, and many retain their original bindings.
  3. You can ask them to match the original binding as closely as possible.
  4. It has been damaged over time, and the original binding is now lost.
  5. Repairs or restorations are often done to emulate the style of the original binding.
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  7. The codex is still bound in its original binding of brown leather with stamped ornamentation.
  8. Both volumes are in the original bindings.
  9. A few planks of wood and several yards of string would have been used for the original binding.
  10. But mint versions in their original binding could sell for as much as $ 72, 000, he said.
  11. The original binding letter of intent to build " Utopia " was announced in 2009 but amended in 2012.
  12. A complete set of all 50 numbers in their original bindings sold at Sotheby's in October 2011 for $ 398, 500.
  13. The binding of the Drexel partbooks was replaced by the library in 1950, strongly suggesting that the original binding was in poor shape.
  14. Although the original binding was lost when NYPL rebound the partbooks in 1950, some information can be ascertained based on the Bodleian fragments.
  15. "' Peniarth 481D "'is a late 15th century illuminated manuscript in its original binding that is held at the National Library of Wales.
  16. The manuscript is a book, in its original binding, of 198 parchment leaves which are 150 mm by 110 mm, with 23 26 lines per page.
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