original appropriation in a sentence

  1. This included the original appropriation for the Wilkes expedition.
  2. When a water right is sold, it retains its original appropriation date.
  3. Of the original appropriation of $ 688, 888.82, only about $ 24, 000 remained.
  4. Anarcho-capitalists argue for a society based on the voluntary trade of private property and original appropriation, rather than through aggression or fraud.
  5. The expense of constructing foundation for the two lights exhausted the original appropriation and delayed completion until 1875; in the intervening two years lightships were used instead.
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  7. In any case, construction was abandoned, and $ 79, 000 of the original appropriation was diverted to the construction of a lightship to replace the failed tower.
  8. The building was completed for approximately $ 500, 000, which was significantly less than the original appropriation, and city residents and officials gathered for a dedication ceremony on October 15, 1933.
  9. It would reauthorize the SRF at $ 2.8 billion for FY 2014  2018, which is consistent with the original appropriation of $ 5.6 billion over FY 2004  2013.
  10. A keeper's house and other supporting structures had long since stood where the tower was to be erected, having been erected back in 1906 with funds from the original appropriation for the range.
  11. Anarcho-capitalists argue for a society based in voluntary trade of private property ( including money, consumer goods, land, and capital goods ) and original appropriation, rather than through aggression or fraud.
  12. Much of the original appropriation for the building was allotted for the purchase of the lot, which is bounded by Cadman Plaza East ( then Washington Street ), Johnson, Adams, and Tillary streets.
  13. Original appropriation allows an individual to claim any never-before used resources, including land, and by improving or otherwise using it, own it with the same " absolute right " as his own body.
  14. Also, the idea of perpetually binding original appropriation is anathema to socialism and traditional schools of anarchism, as well as to any moral or economic philosophy that takes equal natural rights to land and the earth's resources as a premise.
  15. The final bill may well exceed the $ 20 billion set aside by the president and Congress, but New York does not need it all right now, and almost everyone working on the issue in Washington believes the money will be there when it is required _ either from the original appropriation or through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  16. The work of building the post, for which an appropriation of $ 100, 000.00 had been made, was begun on August 28, 1878, and completed in August, 1879 . The original appropriation not proving sufficient to meet the cost of the necessary buildings an additional appropriation of $ 11, 000, and later a special appropriation of $ 13, 000, was made for post hospital.
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