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  1. In 1869, 10 years after he published " The Origin of Species,"
  2. Nearly a century and a half after Darwin's " Origin of Species,"
  3. Darwin replied with a gift of his " Origin of Species ".
  4. It's like referring to Charles Darwin's " The Origin of Species ".
  5. In the fifth edition of On the Origin of Species he responded:
  6. It's difficult to find origin of species in a sentence.
  7. A Study in Geographical Distribution and Origin of Species " in 1922.
  8. His ideas were presented in " On the Origin of Species ".
  9. So Darwin writes a book called'The Origin of Species'propounding the theory of evolution.
  10. After publishing his world-changing manuscript, " On the Origin of Species,"
  11. Charles Darwin remarked upon this in " On the Origin of Species ".
  12. Letters from Charles Darwin about " The Origin of Species ."
  13. Walsh first read Darwin's " On the Origin of Species " in 1861.
  14. It was just 30-odd years after Darwin's ` Origin of Species . "'
  15. In this book, published in 1872, 13 years after the " Origin of Species,"
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