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  1. In 1996 he appeared in " The Mysterious Origins of Man ".
  2. "It's like understanding where the stars came from, or the origins of man.
  3. In " The Origins of Man and the Universe " he presents his cosmology.
  4. Oldupai Gorge ) and promoted the African origin of man.
  5. An origin of man from stone is told by the Baining of New Britain.
  6. It's difficult to find origin of man in a sentence.
  7. The origin of man is one such area.
  8. "The Paranormal Borderline " and NBC's " The Mysterious Origins of Man . " . ..
  9. He believed in the natural origin of man.
  10. The Pnakotic Manuscripts predate the origin of man.
  11. At the time, he said, " I didn't rub my chin and ponder the origins of man.
  12. A majority of Muslims are at odds with current scientific theories about biological evolution and the origin of man.
  13. In 1996, Baugh presented his " man-tracks " in the controversial program " The Mysterious Origins of Man ".
  14. He compared them with cigarette warnings, saying they question how valid science's answer is to the origins of man.
  15. Comas ( 1950 ) argued that the job of anthropology is to teach the origin of man throughout the American continent.
  16. The labors of paleontologists, anthropologists, and other scientists exploring the origins of man are not the stuff of breezy television entertainment.
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