orients in a sentence

"orients" in Chinese  
  1. Use this spot to orient your dog to the escape route.
  2. Both devour books on history, and orient themselves by it.
  3. Use this spot to orient your dog's escape route.
  4. The Trenton local will never be mistaken for the Orient Express.
  5. _Orient Lines and Special Expeditions vessels are destined for Antarctica.
  6. It's difficult to find orients in a sentence.
  7. South Orient President Joel Williams III said in a 1998 affidavit.
  8. Familiar items and surroundings may help to orient the older person.
  9. This is no subway _ it's the Orient Express!
  10. But Mitchell defended her intention : to orient the contemporary viewer.
  11. It could be at Orient House or in the Muslim Quarter.
  12. Here's a guide to the wonders of the Orient.
  13. He played a very successful author riding the luxurious Orient Express.
  14. Their nutritional value has made them the toast of the Orient.
  15. The Hula will tend to orient the boat toward downwind sailing,
  16. The Austrian secretary also expressed her support for the Orient House.
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