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  1. The cause of death was listed as multiple organ system failure.
  2. They hope to call attention to the need for organ donations.
  3. In Chinese culture, bereaved families rarely agree to donate organs.
  4. Newspapers tended to be organs of one political party or another.
  5. The cancer later spread to her liver and other vital organs.
  6. It's difficult to find organs in a sentence.
  7. Americans overwhelmingly favor organ donation, according to public opinion polls.
  8. It remains a top center for heart and other organ transplants.
  9. Not surprisingly, Young is crusader on behalf of organ donation.
  10. "They no longer call it ` harvesting'organs.
  11. The organs from the transgenic pig are then transplanted into baboons.
  12. Dylan's family has always hoped for an organ transplant.
  13. By then the illness had all but liquefied his internal organs.
  14. The piano has already been sold, but not the organ.
  15. It was GONE . ( Insert an organ chord here mentally.
  16. The brain is a major target organ for sickle cell disease,
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