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  1. Cozad won the Missouri Oratorical Contest three times while in college.
  2. He left no doubt that he is primed for oratorical combat.
  3. Oratorical voices sound parodistic, and lines rarely match mouth movements.
  4. Thus, schools should organise oratorical and debate competitions in English.
  5. His academic pedigree is shaky and his oratorical skills are rough.
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  7. There, she was champion in numerous oratorical contests and debates.
  8. Haralson's oratorical abilities drew the commendation of Frederick Douglass.
  9. His confidence began growing once he started joining different oratorical competitions.
  10. We will miss his wit, frankness and great oratorical style.
  11. Oh, one could make fun of his oratorical tics.
  12. As a result, Lincoln replaced his oratorical poetry with legalistic prose.
  13. Did Groh have any such oratorical plans up his sleeve?
  14. Oratorical cats, Delphic oracle cats, skeptical cats, dyspeptical cats.
  15. Sen . John Kerry took a few new oratorical risks.
  16. But brevity has not been a hallmark of the Clinton oratorical style.
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