opus number in a sentence

  1. Even after his death ( 1716 ) opus numbers were published.
  2. Opus numbers originate from the complete catalogue by Harry Halbreich.
  3. The fourteenth quartet was published with the opus number 105.
  4. The list of works below reflects original opus numbers assigned by Zachara.
  5. He was prolific, producing 604 opus numbers by 1996.
  6. It's difficult to find opus number in a sentence.
  7. Of the nine opus numbers, seven have survived complete.
  8. This was probably the last piece that Liszt gave an opus number.
  9. In London, he began to give opus numbers to his compositions.
  10. The listing is completed by works without opus number ( WoO ).
  11. Works published since 1857 have received alternative catalogue designations instead of opus numbers.
  12. Among his 142 opus numbers, Moscheles wrote a number of symphonic works.
  13. Oddly, it redirects to Opus number, but it shouldn't.
  14. These were published posthumously in Moscow in 1948, without an opus number.
  15. On this occasion DvoY醟 also changed the opus number.
  16. The opus numbers are still more likely to appear in printed programs for performances.
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