option in a sentence

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  1. "We're looking at all options ."
  2. To save his regime, Kim turned to the nuclear option.
  3. Some close advisers are encouraging him to keep his options open.
  4. It appears that our options are getting more and more narrow.
  5. -- Make casinos permissible only through local-option elections.
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  7. Having done so, the child has one of two options.
  8. But the manager had even fewer options with the pitching staff.
  9. At least 66, 000 contracts for call options were sold.
  10. He just couldn't come up with a better option.
  11. Among the most popular options for obtaining foreign money are these:
  12. SEC athletic directors discussed alliance options during a conference call Wednesday.
  13. His death has convinced many that they have even fewer options.
  14. One option under consideration is to ship hijackers to third countries.
  15. He hopes his showing can narrow the coaches'options some.
  16. Murray agreed that the 1981 approach would be a sensible option.
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