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  1. A GLX pack, option code A16, was offered on the CM Valiant sedan.
  2. A special option code called W-34 was available on the 1968 70 Toronado.
  3. But our car also wears the special Option Code T23 tires.
  4. What's notable about this option code system that means it rises above any other manufacturer's system?
  5. The exception would be for MY1999 where the limited-slip differential was available as option code 220.
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  7. The "'Z / 28 "'option code was introduced in December 1966 for the 1967 model year.
  8. Unlike the 1965 4-4-2 model built in Lansing, the 1964 4-4-2 does not have an option code on the data plate.
  9. For 1989, the first " regular production " STS's were sold as a " Limited Edition " with an option code of YP6.
  10. The Performance Package was an inclusive option sold in North America, which was labelled the ZHP option code in the USA and ZAM in Canada.
  11. Many cars have had S model features added by subsequent owners, making original " Competition Group " cars difficult to distinguish without checking option codes.
  12. To be a justifiable subject for an encyclopedic article, the Mercedes option code system would have to have some unique feature, such that it was notable within its industry.
  13. 200 Charger White Knight Specials were produced, based on the Charger XL . Specified via Option Code A50, 100 examples were produced in Arctic White and 100 in Amarante Red.
  14. ** The option codes are scattered all over the marketing material, price lists, imprinted on the cars and how people interpret them is not defined by excluding that information from Wikipedia.
  15. As a means of binding together hundreds of Mercedes articles, the option codes are entirely consistent with those existing pages . talk ) 02 : 39, 30 September 2008 ( UTC)
  16. A low production, late 1991 model year version used the option code " W-41 "; the key differences of " W-41 " package was a engine with a different geared 5 speed transmission.
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