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  1. Morin declined to comment on the possibility of taking the options clause out.
  2. Olajuwon, 33, is signed through 1999, although there is an option clause following next season.
  3. "That's a terrible option clause, " says John Taylor Williams, of Boston's Hill & Barlow Agency.
  4. We had an option clause in the contract.
  5. "That's a terrible option clause, " says John Taylor Williams, of Boston's Hill & AMP; Barlow Agency.
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  7. This automatic renewal must also be considered an option clause which is not permitted by this commission.
  8. No agent would allow that option clause.
  9. Webber exercised a year-out option clause in his contract partly because he grew tired of Nelson's incessant criticism.
  10. Smith said of the option clause.
  11. ?00, 000 was reported paid to Inter Milan in compensation, as they had a first-option clause in his contract.
  12. He triggered the option clause in his contract by pitching in his 48th game of the season on Wednesday night.
  13. He argued that the context of the language could suggest a precise meaning that would give certainty to the option clause.
  14. In effect, the label could continue to demand more albums through the options clause until it deems one commercially or artistically acceptable.
  15. Bledsoe's contract, Edelstein points out, has an option clause that comes due shortly after the Super Bowl ( Feb . 3 ).
  16. On 25 August 2010, Firefly announced that it would take up four ATR 72s in the option clause of the purchase agreement.
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