option citoyenne in a sentence

  1. In 2006 the UFP merged with Option citoyenne to form Qu閎ec solidaire.
  2. Quebec Solidaire was formed in February 2006 in a merger of UFP and Option Citoyenne.
  3. In 2006, the UFP joined with the Option citoyenne social movement to form the Qu閎ec solidaire party.
  4. A longtime ally of Fran鏾ise David, Desgagn閟 was a founding member of her Option citoyenne party in 2004.
  5. The IS is involved in Qu閎ec Solidaire, a merger of the Union des Forces Progressistes and the Option Citoyenne.
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  7. Option citoyenne later merged into Qu閎ec solidaire, and Desgagn閟 ran under that party's banner in the 2008 provincial elections.
  8. On 5 November 2005, delegates of the UFP voted unanimously in favour of a merger with the party of the Option citoyenne movement led by Fran鏾ise David.
  9. She was a founding member of Qu閎ec Solidaire, having previously been involved in the feminist movement and Option citoyenne, and she has been a party candidate in two provincial elections.
  10. Its creation represents in many ways a response to the creation of the Union des forces progressistes ( and Option citoyenne ), as well as to the discontent of some militants of the PQ leftist faction.
  11. In 2002, the PCQ-PCC joined in a federation with the Rassemblement pour l'alternative progressiste and the Parti de la d閙ocratie socialiste to form the Union des forces progressistes, which in turn merged with Option Citoyenne to form Qu閎ec solidaire.
  12. "' Amir Khadir "'(; born June 12, 1961 ) is a Canadian politician in the National Assembly of Quebec ( MNA ), Canada for the electoral district of sovereigntist and left-wing political party which was created by the merger of the Union des Forces Progressistes and Option Citoyenne, a feminist political movement, in February 2006.

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