option canada in a sentence

  1. Grenier found that Beaudoin was an Option Canada decision-maker.
  2. Jocelyn Beaudoin worked for the Option Canada group during the 1995 Quebec Referendum.
  3. Dauphin is a past honorary president of Option Canada.
  4. Option Canada was founded in response to Quebec's language tensions of the early 1990s.
  5. One option Canada is considering is imposition of a heavy " transit " tax on US fishing vessels.
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  7. Grenier said the evidence contradicted Beaudoin's claims he was not involved with Option Canada after 7 September 1995.
  8. Option Canada dissolved in 1993, in Gogan subsequently became a member of Mel Hurtig's National Party of Canada.
  9. The president of Option Canada was Claude Dauphin, an aide to Paul Martin, at the time Canadian minister of finance.
  10. "' Option Canada "'was a short-lived political party in Quebec, Canada, in the early 1990s.
  11. He withdrew from a Master's Degree program at Soviet history to establish Option Canada as a federal party representing Quebec's linguistic minorities.
  12. Continued investigation by former Radio-Canada journalist Normand Lester lead the revelation of a $ 4.8-million grant awarded to Option Canada by Heritage Canada.
  13. "' Option Canada "'was a Montreal-based lobby group established some eight weeks before the voting day of the 1995 Quebec referendum on sovereignty.
  14. After the referendum, the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec, Pierre F . C魌? filed 20 criminal charges of illegal expenditures and opened an inquiry on Option Canada.
  15. In 2006, he co-authored with Robin Philpot a book denouncing the actions of Option Canada, one of the organizations supporting the No side in the 1995 Quebec referendum.
  16. In January 1991, he withdrew from the university to establish Option Canada as a federal party representing Quebec's linguistic minorities ( " Montreal Gazette ", 29 April 1991 ).
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