option c in a sentence

  1. To be taken forward in conjunction with Option C below ).
  2. "Obviously the solution is Option C, " said Lopiano.
  3. This would presumably be an adaptation of Option C.
  4. Option C uses utility bills to determine energy savings.
  5. There is no option c )  that she would be talking to angels.
  6. It's difficult to find option c in a sentence.
  7. Controls Retrofits, or retrofits to HVAC systems are typically excellent candidates for Option C.
  8. Farnham is supporting the Option C campaign.
  9. "Everybody would like to have an option C, but there isn't one.
  10. Personally, I'm betting on Option C, though I've no idea what that might be.
  11. While option c ) seems most fitting, by way of the search phrase, the external link references another method.
  12. Supporters of option C may inherently support option B unless stated otherwise . talk 00 : 31, 4 July 2016 ( UTC)
  13. So far, 12 of NATO's 16 members are inclined to support what NATO officials call " option C,"
  14. The previous discussion ended with unanimous opposition to both options A and B while showing unanimous support for option C, protocol relative links.
  15. A community committee chose to pursue " Option C ", a partial renovation / partial new consolidated high school building on the Andover site.
  16. Solana said option C calls for the NATO troops to keep the peace in Bosnia so that civil organizations can do their work rebuilding the country.
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