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  1. When you want to narrow a search using Yahoo, press the Options button.
  2. You're just pushing option buttons.
  3. Especially if a " search wikipedia " option button were added next to the searchbar.
  4. Click on the Folder Options button.
  5. Enciclopedia Libre has that option button.
  6. It's difficult to find option button in a sentence.
  7. Not to forget, third button from right is the option button where you set up everything.
  8. Before you connect, click the Options button, go to the Local Resources tab and check Disk drives.
  9. But in Hotbot, you click on the More Search Options button and select Must Not Contain in the Word Filter section.
  10. To do this, click on the Option button and click on Allow me to preview and annotate fax button to activate the option.
  11. Just click on the buttons until you find the option button . talk ) 21 : 35, 25 April 2008 ( UTC ) Cardinal Raven
  12. The program manager for the Memory Track is accessed by pushing the option button while the system is starting, and exited by pushing the * and # keys simultaneously.
  13. Beside the keypad, the controller also had three face buttons ( A, B, and C ), a Pause and an Option button, making the total number 17.
  14. :On my phone, in calendar, I hit the option button, select more, select calendars, and I can see a sync / visible icon next to each one.
  15. Click on the Options button on the Save As dialog ( exactly where it is will depend on the version of Word you are using, but it will be there somewhere ).
  16. Diagram of the DualShock 4 controller from the back left . Shows the light bar ( blue ) used for player identification, micro USB port, the touch pad, SHARE and OPTIONS buttons and the other controls.
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