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  1. A complete set of option boards were offered including a serial interface.
  2. CPS also released Option Board hardware with TransCopy software for duplicating copy-protected floppy diskettes.
  3. Each chassis consists of a power supply, and a backplane with slots for the addition of various option boards.
  4. The option board could also be fitted with an IEEE-488 interface and an AMD 9511 or 9512 floating point coprocessor.
  5. The high resolution graphics and memory option board allowed an extra 128 KB of RAM to be added and included a TTL RGB monitor output.
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  7. :: " 3D graphics " means that the computer should be capable of generating 3D images through hardware assisted acceleration-eg . an option board with a geometry engine.
  8. PCX's business is growing faster than any other options board, in part because of equipment added in recent years that makes trading faster and more efficient, Carlson said.
  9. Drama-theorists build and analyze models ( called " card tables " or " options boards " ) that are isomorphic to game models, but unlike game theorists and most other model-builders, do not do so with the aim of finding a'solution '.

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