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  1. High-tech companies are vigorously fighting the stock-options bill, while the accounting profession is hoping to block the Sarbanes bill.
  2. Instead, his most notable legislation was the " county option bill, " a restriction on liquor sales that pleased prohibition advocates.
  3. The options bill has been sent to the Senate Finance Committee, which is expected to hold a hearing on the issue in April.
  4. The local option bill would require shop owners who choose to open on Sunday to pay employees time-and-a-half and make work voluntary on that day.
  5. The New Mexico Legislature sent Johnson three bills at the end of its special session in May : a local option bill, a statewide ban on window sales, and a third approach also banning the windows but granting liquor store owners the sole right to liquor sales after 9 p . m ., supposedly to help recoup the anticipated business losses to groceries and drug stores.
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