option backdating in a sentence

  1. In 2006, Comverse was involved in an options backdating scandal.
  2. Another public perception is that options backdating stems from executive corruption.
  3. This all but eliminated the opportunity for senior management to engage any meaningful options backdating.
  4. While options backdating is not always illegal, many options in corporations are granted to upper management.
  5. Reyes is the first corporate official to be convicted of concealing stock options backdating in the United States.
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  7. However, in late 2005 and early 2006, the issue of stock options backdating gained a wider audience.
  8. In 2009, Fisher represented the General Counsel of a major telecommunications company on charges of stock options backdating.
  9. He also presided over the stock-options backdating trial of Brocade Communications Systems CEO Gregory Reyes in 2007.
  10. On October 10, 2006, Shelby Bonnie resigned as chairman and stock options backdating scandal that occurred between 1996 and 2003.
  11. Reyes resigned from Brocade when he was indicted by the U . S . government for accounting irregularities associated with corporate stock options backdating.
  12. Moreover, executive stock options contributed to the accounting manipulation scandals of the late 1990s and abuses such as the options backdating of such grants.
  13. He has led investigations of market timing, stock options backdating, financial fraud, insider trading, and investment advisor and hedge fund fraud.
  14. Beginning early in his chairmanship he focused the agency's enforcement efforts on stock option backdating against the former Chairman and CEO of UnitedHealth Group.
  15. In the wake of a stock option backdating probe by the SEC of KLA-Tencor, the company terminated its contract with Schroeder in 2006.
  16. Judge Cormac J . Carney threw out the stock fraud and options backdating charges in December 2009 . The drug charges were also dropped in January 2010.
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