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  1. These include an online portfolio management system and an options analysis tool.
  2. The brief summaries of the options analysis on pages 26 and 27 of the report follow:
  3. Financially, the contract qualifies as an option and may be valued by applying real options analysis.
  4. The "'Real Options Group "'( ROG ) is a management consulting firm specializing in the application of Real Options Analysis.
  5. Real options analysis, as a discipline, extends from its application in corporate finance, to financial options to " real-life " decisions.
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  7. In late November, it was decided to put aside the statement of requirements to conduct an options analysis, including dialogue with nations purchasing the F-35.
  8. In mid-April the long awaited " options analysis " of the different fighter aircraft available was completed, although the report itself was not made public.
  9. Ulrich Hommel has published widely in the areas of real options analysis, corporate risk management, corporate restructuring, family business financing as well as venture capital financing.
  10. Hence, the literature recommends to assess the value of risks and uncertainties through the Real Option Analysis ( ROA ), which is a valuable method in uncertain contexts.
  11. Likewise, Ashford has described the similar concept of " technology options analysis " as a way to generate innovative solutions to the problems of industrial pollution more effectively than through risk-based regulation.
  12. The Institute's main competences consist in providing policy option analysis and policy impact assessment, analysing the socio-economics of new technologies, delivering techno-economic tools and platforms to their customers, and managing information exchange and consensus-building among policy-makers and stakeholder on highly complex techno-economic issues.

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