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  1. The purchase agreements were in the form of call and put option agreements.
  2. On 20 March the Three executed the option agreement with Kopper.
  3. He would not comment in any detail about the option agreement.
  4. Non-Roche shareholders now have until Oct . 31 to approve the option agreement.
  5. Some forms of lease-option agreements have been criticized as predatory.
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  7. It seems to me that option agreement would be binding,
  8. The option agreement allows both companies to review the issue in three years, he said.
  9. He needed a lawyer to prepare an option agreement for real property in Fremont, California.
  10. The test earned her Fox's standard 60-day option agreement, scheduled to expire in November 1965.
  11. In 1994 TVI Pacific reached an option agreement with the initial prospectors and continued extensive exploration.
  12. She has also said she does not recall writing an option agreement between Madison and Ward.
  13. Pressure increased late Tuesday with media allegations that he had illegally back-dated the stock option agreement.
  14. The lawsuit revolves around this option agreement.
  15. DBPI entered into an option agreement related to the Castro Valley Ranch with CVPI on 29 July 1996.
  16. A June 23 option agreement between the state and property owner Jefferson Lamar Banks expired Sept . 30.
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