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  1. But the old functions would continue, requiring knowledgeable operational staff.
  2. Our course focuses mostly on the operational techniques of protecting VIPs,
  3. Obviously, we intend to seek margin improvements and operational improvements,
  4. Overall, we are learning operational procedures for space station assembly,
  5. The first local lines are scheduled to be operational by August.
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  7. The system, once operational, will replace the waiting period.
  8. The system is expected to be fully operational in early 1997.
  9. I do respect and think alot about the operational management restraint.
  10. The instruments are to be fully operational in a few months.
  11. The operational ability of the group caught the government by surprise.
  12. Also, both clubs want operational control of a new building.
  13. For example, there are the operational difficulties that Morgan mentioned.
  14. The F-22 is supposed to become operational in 2004.
  15. Our goal is to be No . 1 in operational excellence.
  16. Operational costs rose 5 percent to 14.8 billion francs.
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