operational task in a sentence

  1. The Opsnal and sub-district commands execute Polri s operational tasks.
  2. The fourth tier primarily had an operational task.
  3. In charge of all operational tasks for the chapter and serves as the second in command.
  4. A specialist RAF unit, 4 JSTU, was established to carry out preparatory and operational tasks.
  5. Nevertheless, the German Army considered the Ehrhardt design more effective to fulfil the demanded operational tasks.
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  7. We have been forced by events and the speed of Internet time to undertake some complex operational tasks,
  8. Tasked as a Commando unit, 42 Cdo RM is capable of a wide range of operational tasks.
  9. But while they may be training, the MEU are capable of projecting fully forward deployed operational task forces.
  10. Tasked as a Commando amphibious unit, 45 Cdo RM is capable of a wide range of operational tasks.
  11. The qualification as an Operative Professional provides the soldiers with the necessary skills to manage all operational tasks optimally.
  12. APOs handle both administrative and operational tasks, such as augmenting patrol, traffic control, and taking police reports.
  13. Kesselring's main operational task during this time was the support of the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War.
  14. Trained in finance, he dogs those who handle the creative and operational tasks at his agencies to meet goals he sets.
  15. In October 2007, the Ministry of the Interior created another working group with an operational task to start the unification process.
  16. The three squadrons shared the operational task equally with rotational detachments of three or four aircraft and crews based at Iwakuni, Japan.
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