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  1. All game birds and game mammals with open seasons may be hunted.
  2. And it was still going to be open season on Mike Hargrove.
  3. Why have directors and screenwriters declared open season on the White House?
  4. The era of open season on scientists has come to an end.
  5. It was open season on the Old Course during the Dunhill Cup.
  6. It's difficult to find open season in a sentence.
  7. The league prepared to open season 5 with the same 6 teams.
  8. Many mark the beginning of open season on Mexican journalists with the
  9. She also starred in the spaghetti westerns " Open Season ".
  10. Dodgers open season against Milwaukee Brewers without Kevin Brown but with Gary Sheffield.
  11. The changes promise it will be the most wide open season in years.
  12. He warns of the dangers in allowing " open season " on vehicles.
  13. The National Park Service Rangers provide interpretation during the open season.
  14. It sent a message to law enforcement officers : Open season on immigrants.
  15. It will be open season now on Billick and on Lewis.
  16. Manufacturer Sunred Engineering entered the car in the 2007 International GT Open season.
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