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  1. In some form onor other, almost every human being values it.
  2. The fifth son's name was Romeo ( Teri Onor ).
  3. onor reaction to tha thefts and lack of oversight by community leaders was dramatic.
  4. In 2013, the parish merged into the new parish Aveleda e Rio de Onor.
  5. Evidently hearing of the fate of Onor, the embassy offers to submit to the Portuguese.
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  7. Therefore, the source code can be successfully compiled onor cross-compiled fora great number of computer architectures.
  8. Almeida accuses Onor's rulers of breaking the proferred truce and orders an attack on the port city.
  9. They give chase unto the mouth of the Sharavathi River, at which point the pirate boats slip into harbor of Onor.
  10. Germany is offering to build $ 92 million worth of new hangars and other structures at Holloman and onor Range in return for the lease.
  11. Almeida believes his suspicious are confirmed when he sees a significant number of Arab ships, alongside Timoja's own, in Onor harbour.
  12. Assured by Gaspar da Gama ( Goese Jew and translator ) that Onor is a corsair's nest, Vasco da Gama orders an attack on the city.
  13. To commemorate him, Gerolamo Araolla wrote the sonnet " onor di Sassari e delizia dell'Arno " ( Honor of Sassari and delight of the Arno ).
  14. Among them are the following : Pops Fernandez, Jolina Magdangal, BJ " Tolits " Forbes, Nikki Gil, K Brosas, Ate Gay, Teri Onor and Angel Locsin.
  15. Onor ( Modern Honnavar ) was located on the banks of the Sharavathi River, two miles ( 3 km ) upstream from the mouth, where the river widened into a lake.
  16. In the aftermath, the corsair Timoja and the governor of Onor ( a vassal of the Vijayanagara Empire ) agree to swear an oath of vassalage and promise not to molest the Portuguese in Anjediva.
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