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  1. In Australia it commonly hybridises with the related invasive " Onopordum illyricum ".
  2. The habitat is shrubsteppe or desert shrub invasion of " Onopordum acanthium ", Scotch thistle.
  3. The name Onopordum is derived from the Greek words onos ( meaning donkey ) and porde ( flatulence ) and refers to the plant's supposed effect on the creatures that eat it.
  4. "Onopordum " species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including " Coleophora onopordiella " ( feeds exclusively on " O . acanthium " ).
  5. I am likewise in the dark, so far, about cotton thistle ( Onopordum Acanthium ), which is supposed to grow to nine feet, with leaves that are cottony white all over, instead of just underneath like most thistles.
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