on the piste in a sentence

  1. Next, Fencer B and Fencer Y step on the piste.
  2. Control in a wider stance is reduced when turning on the piste.
  3. Fencing : Fantastic showing on the piste.
  4. France's fencers achieved a golden end to a golden week on the piste.
  5. Ski time has been curtailed to just a brief morning on the pistes above this Alpine village.
  6. It's difficult to find on the piste in a sentence.
  7. This differs from the other centres in the UK where the lift supports are on the piste.
  8. And who can blame him for starting and ending the book with his own victories on the piste?
  9. However, a handful of unruly fans tried to spoil the racing by throwing snowballs on the piste.
  10. He did not have dedicated fencing shoes either and wore out dozens of ordinary trainers on the piste.
  11. Rahlves was stopped midway down the course after Swiss youngster Daniel Zueger crashed out ahead of him on the piste.
  12. Conversely a narrow stance will give the rider more control when turning on the piste but less stability when freestyling.
  13. Rahlves was flagged midway down the course after Austria's Klaus Kroell crashed out ahead of him on the piste.
  14. In sabre, the end of the attack is defined by the front foot of the lunge landing on the piste.
  15. Szabo began fencing at the age of four because his parent's occupation had him practically live on the piste.
  16. Indeed, the Kostelics are regularly the first to arrive on the piste for practice and regularly the last to call it a day.
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