on the pin in a sentence

"on the pin" in Chinese  
  1. "His shots were right on the pins, " said longtime caddie Bruce Edwards.
  2. Unlike the original, the plug has insulated sleeves on the pins.
  3. His chip from the bunker was directly on the pin and dropped in.
  4. :It is apparently the U . S .'s Secret Service's logo on the pin.
  5. It goes on the pin 1 side of the connector.
  6. It's difficult to find on the pin in a sentence.
  7. "Gordie's going to be pretty well on the pin when it comes time ."
  8. The fee on the PIN-based systems is pennies per transaction.
  9. Also put some on the pin back before you connect it to the pin.
  10. Singh : " Driver off the tee, 6-iron to the green, depending on the pin.
  11. I had the ball on the pins all week.
  12. Others are vibration causing a wire to fracture or corrosion on the pins of harness connectors.
  13. Hankins, a lens grinder, had been present during the entire time Lundberg worked on the pin.
  14. Workers on the pin assembly lines in China apply the different colors with hypodermic needles, you know.
  15. I think I need an even-par round to win tomorrow although it all depends on the pin placements,
  16. Kirchner's lasting influence on the pin-up genre was still recognized in the World War II pin-up heyday period.
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