on the piece in a sentence

"on the piece" in Chinese  
  1. But this was a bracing and surprising take on the piece.
  2. Ms . Armitage began working on the piece several years ago.
  3. Berezovsky's enemies were quick to seize on the piece.
  4. The last part is a continuation on the piece about growth.
  5. Until recently, the page on the piece said exactly this.
  6. It's difficult to find on the piece in a sentence.
  7. Antique bamboo costs much more, depending on the piece and condition.
  8. On the piece of land being contested, compassion can be fatal.
  9. Producer Robert Abbott worked on the piece for a year.
  10. The effects of leaving lyrics untranslated depend on the piece.
  11. A Yalekhta can have many different designs on the piece of cloth.
  12. It is tough on the pieces at Long Beach.
  13. Albright worked on the piece for a decade, but to little avail.
  14. Ask the vendor's opinion on the piece.
  15. He bets on the teams whose names are on the pieces he grabs.
  16. Spread the remaining 1 cup cracker crumbs on the piece of wax paper.
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