on the phone in a sentence

"on the phone" meaning  "on the phone" in Chinese  
  1. I often received death threats by unidentified people on the phone,
  2. Listen to amateur irritainers trying out their routines on the phone!
  3. I spent three solid days on the phone talking with chemists.
  4. They question endless witnesses about who called whom on the phone.
  5. She was so excited she actually started crying on the phone.
  6. It's difficult to find on the phone in a sentence.
  7. Neither should its language sound like a gab on the phone.
  8. Two of us are on the phone at any given time.
  9. They act too busy to talk to you on the phone.
  10. Leonard says on the phone from his home in suburban Detroit.
  11. I kept trying to make an outside call on the phone.
  12. Wellstone on the phone Wednesday night and visiting with Sheila Wellstone.
  13. It always amazed me how cold he was on the phone,
  14. That means lots of late nights and weekends on the phone.
  15. Dad Gets Upset Because the Kids Are Always On The Phone.
  16. She could talk to people on the phone and be herself.
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