on the person in a sentence

"on the person" in Chinese  
  1. I wanted to cut everything away and focus on the person.
  2. What happened next on the mountain depends on the person asked.
  3. But that will depend on the person who takes his place.
  4. Then forget yourself and concentrate on the person of your dreams.
  5. That can put subtle pressure on the person doing the hiring.
  6. It's difficult to find on the person in a sentence.
  7. And that really depends on the person and how they respond.
  8. But it all depends on the person and the personality ."
  9. School depends on the person, and every situation is different.
  10. Regular LASIK is based on the person's glasses prescription.
  11. It is carried on the person for assistance in family matters.
  12. To some extent this must depend on the person as well.
  13. So medical benefits would depend on the person's health.
  14. I added a note on the person's talk page.
  15. In this regard, discussion on the person himself was limited.
  16. The housemates had to throw cakes on the person they nominated.
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