on the periphery in a sentence

"on the periphery" in Chinese  
  1. If they were boisterous, he might smile on the periphery.
  2. For a moment, ignore all the bouquets on the periphery.
  3. What your eye perceives, what you see on the periphery.
  4. Do I feel like I am on the periphery of society?
  5. It always looks somewhere on the periphery, far from itself.
  6. It's difficult to find on the periphery in a sentence.
  7. Chechnya used to be on the periphery of the Islamic world.
  8. The hindwings are orange brown, but browner on the periphery.
  9. The hindwings are orange, mixed with brown on the periphery.
  10. The hindwings are cream, but brownish grey on the peripheries.
  11. The hindwings are cream tinged brownish and brownish on the peripheries.
  12. The hindwings are creamy, mixed with brownish on the periphery.
  13. The hindwings are cream, mixed with brownish on the periphery.
  14. The hindwings are whitish, suffused with brownish on the periphery.
  15. The hindwings are pale brownish, but darker on the periphery.
  16. The hindwings are cream, tinged with orange on the periphery.
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