on the peg in a sentence

"on the peg" in Chinese  
  1. This line sold well for 2 years before fizzling out on the pegs
  2. If the fiscal position continues to deteriorate, the pressures on the peg will intensify,
  3. Where does Luke's coat belong ? . . . Right, on the peg ."
  4. The issue is finding one of the right colour on the peg in the first place, haha.
  5. Brigham Young, rawhide was wrapped around the timbers so that when the rawhide dried it tightened its grip on the pegs.
  6. It's difficult to find on the peg in a sentence.
  7. Boots with oil-resistant, rubber-based composite soles give a grip on the pavement and help keep the rider's feet on the pegs.
  8. But a devaluation would bring so much pressure on the peg that it would have to give way and, inevitably, devalue the Hong Kong dollar as well.
  9. Lavillenie continued, moving the bar to 6.02 he rattled the bar on his way down but it stayed on the pegs and he remained perfect in the competition.
  10. In 37 compact chapters, Niehans untangles themes running throughout economics by hanging them on the pegs of particular careers _ from Richard Cantillon to Abba Lerner, Harold Hotelling to John Muth.
  11. Tsang has previously said that he expected the high rates generated in the defense of the peg to come down in coming weeks, as the threat of renewed attacks on the peg subside.
  12. "A deficit budget could be interpreted as a shift by the government from a prudent fiscal policy, giving speculators an excuse to renew their attacks on the peg, " he said.
  13. "You had banks and financial institutions that believed so much in the peg because they made money on the peg, " said Ang Thiam Huat, the group treasury manager at NatSteel Ltd . in Singapore.
  14. The peg is accompanied by a leaflet with further information such as the static ( net ) part of the IP address, the netmask, the default gateway, WLAN are distinguished by different colors used to write on the pegs.
  15. When everything is going just fine, you can raise your weight off the saddle by standing on the pegs and the air itself seems to carry you; the smells of countryside or suburb or industrial fief are immediately upon you, then gone.
  16. The claims in the area were the Blue Spec, Bosker, Brown Hill, Dinkum, Finger Print, Lucky Hit, Iona and Peg Leg, with the deepest shafts of 22metres and 27metres being sunk on the Peg Leg and Finger Print respectively.
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