on the peace in a sentence

  1. The violence is souring Israeli public opinion on the peace process.
  2. Neither leader would comment on the peace process or their talks.
  3. "It doesn't depend on the peace process.
  4. We intend to actively pursue an accord on the peace treaty,
  5. But he said Israel cannot give up on the peace effort.
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  7. Vajpayee told Parliament during a debate on the peace overtures Thursday.
  8. However, these developments had little impact on the peace process.
  9. Religion can have a negative effect on the peace process.
  10. In Washington, officials are not giving up on the peace process.
  11. He worked on the peace agreement that ended the war in Vietnam.
  12. The Palestinians want their state before delivering on the peace.
  13. Bush has performed a mercy killing on the peace process.
  14. The violence has also soured some Israeli doves on the peace talks.
  15. It may give us an opportunity to carry on the peace process,
  16. It was uncertain what the impact would be on the peace process.
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