on the payroll in a sentence

"on the payroll" in Chinese  
  1. One company had 16 to 18 men on the payroll that season.
  2. Even very well-meaning conscientious employers find themselves with illegals on the payrolls.
  3. Ames was still on the payroll after years of debauchery and sloth.
  4. Since 1943 he also had his sister Mary Jane on the payroll.
  5. The few whites on the payroll tend to be mechanics or supervisors.
  6. It's difficult to find on the payroll in a sentence.
  7. Those accepted received a Kalashnikov assault rifle and got on the payroll.
  8. Johnny is also on the payroll of Queenie ( John Labanowski ).
  9. The government relies on the payroll tax to pay benefits to current retirees.
  10. They had 30 people on the payroll and about 35 farmers on contract.
  11. Having said that, ABC will keep Carrington on the payroll for two reasons.
  12. Most have remained on the payroll and are intensely loyal to the founders.
  13. Bobby Knight relatives or friends now on the payroll at Tech?
  14. Bird, still on the payroll as a consultant, started getting antsy.
  15. Merrill had 53, 400 people on the payroll at the end of September.
  16. The host city of Tempe has 270 officers on the payroll.
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