on the outs in a sentence

"on the outs" meaning  "on the outs" in Chinese  
  1. India was on the outs for having close relations with Russia.
  2. Aidid is on the outs with the shaky new Somali government.
  3. It was an out, I broke on the out.
  4. We are very dependent on the out-of-town visitor.
  5. We wanted him to be a little on the outs in society.
  6. It's difficult to find on the outs in a sentence.
  7. What are the mood and prospects for a party on the outs?
  8. So, that pretty much put me on the outs.
  9. The station wasn't always on the outs with the Kremlin.
  10. He had apparently become on the outs with the government.
  11. And yet, the2e we were _ on the outs, looking in.
  12. Your feet would actually be on the out-of-bounds line.
  13. Dahlan has also been on the outs with Arafat.
  14. Call the tabloids _ Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are on the outs.
  15. GCN members have been featured on the OUT Magazine.
  16. Maria Shriver and Schwarzenegger are on the outs.
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