on the marble cliffs in a sentence

  1. His 1939 novel, " On the Marble Cliffs, " is read as an anti-Nazi allegory.
  2. The narrator and protagonist lives on the marble cliffs as a botanist with his brother Otho, his son Erio from a past relationship and Erio's grandmother Lampusa.
  3. J黱ger readopts several names and topics from his earlier novel " On the Marble Cliffs " like the Landvogt and the Mauretanians, and would again use several aspects of Heliopolis later in " Eumeswil ".
  4. ""'On the Marble Cliffs " "'( " Auf den Marmorklippen " ) is a novella by Ernst J黱ger published in 1939 describing the upheaval and ruin of a serene agricultural society.
  5. For each and every contemporary analogy, " On the Marble Cliffs " is balanced, and more than balanced, by forms of Teutonic mysticism; of Blut und Boden images and ideas that would just as easily have been appreciated and understood by the likes of Alfred Rosenberg.
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  7. A passage from his novella " On the Marble Cliffs " may serve as a sample : " Fish scales gleamed, a gull wing cut through the salt air, jellyfish stretched and loosened their umbrellas, the fronds of a coconut palm waved in the wind, oysters opened to the light.
  8. When J黱ger left Berlin in 1933 his house was said to have been searched by the Gestapo . " On the Marble Cliffs " ( 1939, German title : " Auf den Marmorklippen " ), a short novel in the form of a parable, uses metaphor to describe J黱ger's negative perceptions of the situation in Hitler's Germany.
  9. He also wrote texts for musical theater : " Tre voci " for voice, string orchestra, percussion and tape, music by Giorgio Battistelli, commissioned by the Sagra Musicale Umbra ( First performance : Assisi, 1996 ); " Auf den Marmorklippen " ( On the Marble Cliffs ), from the novel by Ernst J黱ger, music by Giorgio Battistelli ( First performance : National Theatre, Mannheim, 2002 ); " Open Air ", music of Andrea Molino, commissioned by the Societ?Aquilana dei Concerti ( First performance : L'Aquila, 2012 );"

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